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Welcome to Tonawanda, NY


Tonawanda is a town at the northern border of Erie County, just north of the city of Buffalo. There also is a city named Tonawanda, which used to be part of the town, and a city of North Tonawanda. The town of Tonawanda includes the village of Kenmore. Tonawanda was the first town in the U.S. with a population to exceed 100,000; today, the town has about three-quarters that many, making it still one of the biggest towns in Erie County. The north border of the town is Tonawanda Creek, which is part of the Erie Canal, and the city of Tonawanda; the eastern border is Amherst.


For grocery shopping, there are three nearby Wegmans stores: One in northern Buffalo and two in neighboring Amherst. Tonawanda has two Tops Friendly Markets stores, on Young Street and on Niagara Street. For retail shopping, Tonawanda has dollar stores and pharmacies. Buffalo and Amherst, both quick drives from Tonawanda, have a wide variety of places to shop, including Kmart, Walmart and Macy’s (at Boulevard Mall). Eastern Hills Mall is a quick trip southeast in Williamsville. 

Recreation & Entertainment

Its proximity to both the city of Buffalo and to Niagara Falls means there are a lot of entertainment options nearby, from theater to orchestras to casinos to professional sports. Most of the recreation in the town of Tonawanda is of the outdoor variety, as the town has several parks. Grand Island, just northwest of Tonawanda, has an amusement park and two state parks with golf.

Transportation & Traffic

Interstate 190 and Interstate 290 pass through Tonawanda. Route 62 and other state routes also pass through the town.

Pros & Cons

Proximity to Buffalo and Niagara Falls are the big selling points here. This is a large town on the shore of the Erie Canal – which here is Tonawanda Creek. Affluent Amherst is the town’s neighbor to the east. All of the locales with “Tonawanda” in their names – the town of Tonawanda, the city of Tonawanda, the city of North Tonawanda and Tonawanda Creek – can be confusing to newcomers.

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